​When you're ready to Go Live, please post a ticket answering the below questions.  You will also have to give our staff 24-48 business hours notice.

Dear customer, I would like to outline the GoLive Process below. Before you make any DNS or A record changes for your domain we have to complete a few steps on our end first. If you initiate your DNS or A record update to our servers too early, then your site will not function properly.

1) If you have a development domain, our staff has to make the server name change is updated to reflect your actual GoLive domain. Example: http://yourdomain.kosmoscentral.com to http://yourdomain.com

a. Question: What is your GoLive Domain?

2) Has your Payment Gateway account been setup to process credit cards online once you go live? You can verify this by logging into x-cat and clicking on Settings -> Payment Methods. 

3) Next we’ll begin the SSL installation process. This can only happen after we’ve updated your domain name on the server.

a. Question. Do you have an existing SSL Kosmos has to transfer, or is Kosmos installing a new SSL for you ?

b. Next, we’ll perform a domain Whois lookup and notify you who is listed as that contact and the admin of your domain name will have to approve the SSL once initiated by Kosmos & Godaddy. Once approved by your domains registered admin, we can then finish installing your SSL. You can research whose listed as your domain admin by going to: http://who.godaddy.com/whoischeck.aspx?ci=8926

4) Next we have to update your X-cart config file to reflect your actual GoLive domain.


5) Following we’ll need to make account licensing changes to:

a. X-cart licensing & any 3rd party modules installed to reflect the new domain name.

b. Kosmos eSync and web service licensing will have to be updated to reflect GoLive domain.

6) Finally we’ll have to review your SSL Approval (if completed by you) and finish the SSL installation process.

Once we have completed all of the above steps you can now initiate your DNS or A (@) record transfer.

1) Staff will notify you of your dedicated IP to point your A record to or provide the Name Servers if you’re pointing all of your records to our servers including using our pop3 email services. 

2) If you’re using our POP-3 email services, you’ll have to log into CPANEL and create your email aliases. We have multiple knowledge base articles on how to do this. Example: http://yourdomainname.com/cpanel

3) Once records have updated and you can see your site, we suggest testing your cart checkout and verify the Credit Card page is loading with a secure HTTPS page, etc. This can be updated via your x-cart admin area and choosing payment methods. FTP for your image utility may take longer to update. Records usually take up to 48 business hours for all your records (WWW, FTP, A, etc.) to propagate through the World Wide Web. 

4) Test a live order by acting like a customer online try to checkout. You can normally VOID this transaction from your Virtual Terminal. 

5) Test integration with a new product update or change a product name or price.   If you do get any errors (shipping, tender type mismatch etc), please post the warning in a ticket and we’ll respond accordingly.  


Our staff is here to assist and will help walk you through every step of the way. If you’re unsure of any of the steps you’re required to take (approve SSL etc.) please respond to this ticket with your concerns.