Troubleshooing WooCommerce API Key & Secret

  1.  Do you have a good SSL?  Please check here.
  2. Does your API Key and Secret work?  Check by going to this URL and entering your API Key and Secret, by replacing the XXXX.
    1. Example:
  3. Test your Headers in PostMan, are you getting a proper server Headers response with Status 200 OK message?
    1. Use encoded key and secret.    
      1. Example: Key = Authorization |  Value = Basic XXXX:XXXX
        1. Snap Shot: 

If your server is not reading the headers properly, please post a ticket with your hosting provider.

"As the Woo documentation states, some servers have a problem reading the headers properly. Passing the consumer key and secret on the url solved the problem, bassing secure information in your URL is not secure or supported by Kosmos eSync"

There are many forum conversations about troubleshooting your API Key and Secret for Woo when getting a '401 Unauthorized message.'