Q1 )Description or Name isn't updating, why?

A1) Magento will allow you to create the product with the original information in your POS.  If the product was created without a description or name, it will not update anymore.  Only, Price, Inventory & Category can be overwritten on every update. 

a) Solution:  you will now have to update this information manually 

b) or, Delete the product and re-upload.

Q2) I'm running eSync and nothing is being updated, why?

A1) Please verify your logs are being generated, for example:


B2) If your logs are being generated, you may have special characters causing problems for specific products.

Avoid ampersands (&), spaces in hyphens ( - ), trade mark, copy mark symbols in your Product Names, Categories and SKU's.

Q3) I'm running eSync and some products are live and others are not, why?

A1) See above and also update your time stamps for any missing products, by modifying data for your product.  For example, change Price, Description, Manufacturer, etc and hit same to give your product a new time stamp for upload to your website.

Q4) I'm seeing old data go up to the website, why?

A1) This can happen with CSV imports.  Please avoid updating older products (Import ALL) and only focus on products that have inventory.  

Q5) My site crashed when running eSync, why?

A1) Magento is an Enterprise shopping cart and needs a lot of server power to function by itself with normal traffic.  When you add Importing New products using eSync, Magento is now writing to your database.  Writing to your database to update and create products will also use a lot of your server resources.  We recommend doubling your RAM, increasing your SQL connections and also your PHP timeouts.  There are 100's of articles on Google on how to optimize your Magento server for peak performance, please see article collection we posted on how to optimize your Magento server.