Why Optimize Magento?

Magento is an enterprise application and natively uses a lot of resources every time it's used.  This includes customer visits, 3rd party software and web crawlers to your site.  When you add an integration component like Kosmos eSync, the eSync software is also using Magento resources to make updates to your inventory, price and creating new products.  Writing to a database will also utilize more Magento resources as compared to reading the data.  For example, order downloads is a read function and inventory and price updates is a write function.   Below you'll find multiple articles on how to optimize your Magento server and software.

Please note, that you're now integrating substantial data to your server platform that will add additional loads to your server.  For any integration, you should consider doubling your server resources.  If you have 8GB's of RAM, you should then get 16GB's of RAM.  If you have a multi location integration you'll need to add more resources to your server to support the added data load multiplied by the number of locations you have.  If you currently have a dedicated server, well you might need two servers and you can use the second to host your database.  Please consult with support if you have any questions about your particular shopping cart.  If you have Magento, YES you will need to double up on everything!

PHP Session Timeouts

A very common problem with updating large Matrix items using the Magento API will result in PHP timeouts.  Please increase this value, if your large Matrix items are not being created.

We recommend changing the following value in your php.ini file

max_execution_time = 18000

Automatic Re-Indexing every time a product is updated by eSync will also put a High Load on your server!  If your server is crashing, first turn off Updates on Save and switch to Manual Updates.

Tips For Optimizing your Magento Server

See article found online.

Magento On Steroids


6 Tips to optimize Magento on Go Live or Production!


This guide demonstrates how to optimize Magento performance. Most optimizations will work with any version of Magento. Those intended for specific versions will be indicated as such. - See more at: https://docs.nexcess.net/article/how-to-optimize-magento-performance.html#sthash.PfyVtWfz.dpuf


Log cleaning with administrator interface

  1. From the Magento administrator interface, go to System > Configuration.

  2. In the left menu, under Advanced, click System.

  3. Under Log Cleaning, change Enable Log Cleaning to Yes and configure the Save Log for 15 days:

  4. Click Save Config.

- See more at: https://docs.nexcess.net/article/how-to-perform-magento-database-maintenance.html#sthash.12Brgsl0.dpuf