In order to publish a product, you will need to meet the minimum requirements.   

When creating a New Product for the web please make sure you meet the minimum criteria to crate a product at the shopping cart.  

1) Produt - SKU (barcode can also be mapped)

2) Product - Name

3) Product - Description  (not needed for some carts)

4) Product - Weight ('0' for weight will also publish)

5) Product - Category (Can be No Mapped)

6) Product Marked - Display on 3rd Party/List Item for Sale on Web Store (depends on your POS)

7) Product - Price ('0' for price will also publish)

8) Product - Inventory ('0' inventory will also publish)

9) Product is checked as Active 

See Video how to Export a CSV to prepare your Revel POS product data for eCommerce.

No Mappings, can also be set for some carts if you're choosing to manage that data online.  For example, you can No Map your categories field for Magento and still update the product.  The product if Newly Published will not have a category assigned and then you'll have to manually assign the product to the proper category. 


If you find that a Product didn't create in the cart and you have met the criteria mentioned above, then follow these steps.

1) Log into eSync (Turn off the schedule and RUN manually.  This will clear out any existing updates for a FRESH upload.

2) Trigger a New Time Stamp next.   Modify the product somehow and hit save.  Either change, Price, Name, Description, Cost, (many fields to choose from) hit SAVE and then change back if needed.  This will trigger a new time stamp for the product.

3) RUN esync again and review your logs, if applicable for your shopping cart.  If you're unable to view our logs, please contact your developer about viewing your /logs/ folder.


If this still doesn't work for creating a product, please let us know and we can provide additional trouble shooting steps if needed.


Kosmos Support