Below is a starting list of Revel FAQ's.

Once connected, we suggest testing with one item first if possible and determine if your mappings are setup correctly.

Click to see our General eSync FAQ's for eSync integrations.

Q) I've just added my Tasks and Actions and hit Run but nothing updated?

A) Once you enable a New Task or Action you'll have to touch your data to trigger an update.  Esync, looks for a Date change for that product and once you make an item update the date will change.  Just change your product price, inventory or add to your description.

Q) How do I create and manage matrix or configurable product items for Revel?

A) In this initial release, your Matrix items (colors and sizes) will have to be built on your shopping cart first.  Please make sure your SKU's also match your Revel SKU's.

Q) How do I add weights to Revel in the export?    To add weights, choose Product Dimensions on your export and only export Active products.