Cannot find an answer to your question?  Please also review these FAQ's first:  Trouble Shooting & FAQ's

Q) I've just added my Tasks and Actions and hit Run but nothing updated?

A) Once you enable a New Task or Action you'll have to touch your data to trigger an update.  Esync, looks for a Date change for that product and once you make an item update the date will change.  Just change your product price, inventory or add to your description.

Q) I've uploaded categories and products and they're all messed up!  Can I delete my categories and products that were uploaded and change my mappings?

A) Yes, feel free to Delete any preliminary testing data that was sent up to the cart, including products and categories.  The default integration mappings are suitable for 90% of our client base.  You may have to make changes though to accommodate your unique business needs.

Q) What is the max number of products that I can update at once?

A) Each POS system will have restrictions on the number of transactions you can make at one time.  On average, your LightSpeed accounts will be setup to publish up to 100 products at any one given time.   

Q) I published a Configurable product (Matrix Item for Color & Sizes, etc) and after I added a new size  it wasn't sorted in the correct sequence.  

A) Your shopping cart will accept new configurable products through the integration, and thus they will not be sorted.  In most cases, you will have to manually sort your new sizes and colors after it has been added to your shopping cart.  

Q) I uploaded the wrong category name.   Can i delete a product or category without affecting the integration?

A) Yes, you can delete products and categories in your cart if it's not needed anymore.