Lightspeed Integration Features:

  • Lightspeed Retail POS is considered your master data source. Manage all your product data from one location via your Lightspeed Retail POS. There is no need to log into another portal to make updates to your integration data.
  • Sync products, orders and customer data between Lightspeed Retail and your online stores and channels
  • Instantly upload new product details & changes to your online stores and channels. Product details include, descriptions, price, titles and any additional information needed to sell your product online.
  • Configurable products or Matrix items. The integration will also support product variants (e.g. colors and sizes) to each of your online stores and channels
  • Automatically download order details for fulfillment in Lightspeed Retail or as a receipt for accounting.
  • Customer accounts are automatically added to Lightspeed Retail using order information from your online stores and channels
  • Avoid overselling. The integration automatically updates inventory levels for multiple online stores and channels
  • Data flexibility and management. Control how and where your data appears in each online store via adjustable data mappings.
  • Custom data Rules. The use of custom rules can transform how your data changes from your source LightSpeed Retail to it's destination. 
  1. Inventory may need to deduct a negative value (-1) due to in store theft or audit practices in order to prevent overselling online. A specific category or brand may also need to show MSRP pricing only due to manufacturer terms and advertising restrictions.
  2. Multiple ecommerce store integrations. Send wholesale products to your X-cart store and retail products to your Magento & eBay stores. Manufactures can have 100's or 1000's of stores off of one database to support their retail distribution channels.
  • Increase sales. Easily build and manage sales channels such as, B2B & B2C online stores, eBay, Amazon, X-Cart, Magento and mobile commerce. By selling across multiple channels you can increase sales with improved product availability.
  • Save time, money and reduce overhead costs. Since data is entered and updated automatically there's no need to manually re-key and update your data in multiple online stores and systems

Kosmos Online Client Dashboard

The Kosmos client dashboard is a secure user interface allowing eSync users the ability to manage their eSync integration. The dashboard gives you the ability to automate and manage product updates, order downloads, customer data or any data need for all your online stores, sales channels or unique data need, all from one place.

See You Tube Video Sample Updating Products

Dashboard Scheduler

Once connected, the eSync scheduler will automatically transfers your data to it's destination. Types of data can include order downloads, product updates and customer CRM updates.

Dashboard Tasks and Actions

Create your own eSync tasks and actions to specifically suit your business need. An Action can be defined as a job an employee is manually doing on a daily basis, like order downloads or product updates. You can group a set of actions into Tasks and set your Task schedule to run at the same time or intervals

Kosmos eSync & Data Security

Data that is transferred via eSync is never saved in the Kosmos eSync platform and uses secure https, SSL security that banks use today. Customers don't have to worry about data theft when using eSync. If your data isn't being stored or housed by Kosmos eSync then there's nothing anyone can steal.