Kosmos eSync communicates with Revel Systems iPad POS directly through the Revel API.  For a successful integration, you will have to configure your Revel Systems account to give eSync permission to read, write and update your data as outlined in the marketing and sales documentation provided when you purchased the software & services. 

1) Revel Dashboard URL - Link to your Revel Dashboard login screen.

Example: https://testkosmos.revelup.com

2) Request Revel API Token.  Please request the customers API token.   Use the form below, copy your sales rep and apisupport@revelsystems.com and list Kosmos as your 3rd party provider that will be accessing your API.

Revel API Access Form.

3) Establishment ID.  Click on Establishment within your Revel Dashboard and your ID can be found in your browser URL.  

4) Following needed to retreive orders.

5) Employee ID [ID Number] to assign the internet orders to.  We suggest that you create a new employee specifically for eSync internet order handling.  You can locate the employee id, by clicking on your employee and viewing the ID within your browser URL.

6) Set your time stamp.  Kosmos eSync will only update items that have been updated in your Revel POS database.  When testing, only go back a day or two, you can always update your time stamp to go back further anytime.

Please add additional comment to our support center if you'd like further clarification.