Trouble Shooting & Frequently Asked Questions 

Testing our First Upload and Updating Mappings

Q) I've uploaded categories and products and they're all messed up!  Can I delete my categories and products that were uploaded and change my mappings?

A) Yes, feel free to Delete any preliminary testing data that was sent up to the cart, including products and categories.  The default integration mappings are suitable for 90% of our client base.  You may have to make changes though to accommodate your unique business needs.

*Please post a ticket if you need simple mappings update for your Live non demo cart.  For example, map POS custom SKU to cart SKU, etc.  

Products are not updating!

Q) I've hit RUN & Sync (Update All / Exchange Updates) and nothing is happening.  Everything worked before now nothing is updating anymore. 

A1) In order to update a product, you must inform eSync it's ready.  If you touch the product, this will results in updating the item time stamp.   

A2)Please make sure your web services are available so eSync can publish and update products.  If you lock your store, so the general public (or Google) cannot see your store in development, then you'll also lock eSync from making any updates.  See next question for testing your web service.

A3) Verify that the product did or did not update in your eCommerce admin area first.  Most shopping carts will have caching utilities that have to be used under Maintenance and thus flushing your shopping cart cache will display the product or category correctly in your customer facing portion of your website.   Google your cart and determine how to flush your cache next using your website maintenance utilities.  

Testing eSync Web Service.

Q) How can I confirm my eSync web service is accessible and working?

A)  Go to your domain dot com forward slash /KosmosWS/main.php?wsdl 


Duplicate Products & SKU's

Q) I changed my SKU in my POS now I have two products (Duplicates) online.  How do I remove this and why did this happen?

A) If you're changing your SKU's in your Point of Sale or ERP you have to Remove the item from the web first.  If you end up with Duplicate Items, just Delete the Duplicate SKU.

Duplicate Categories

Q) I changed my Category Name, and now I have a Duplicate Category.

A) If you change category names, the Old category will remain on the site until you Delete it from your cart manually.

Product Not Updating

Q) My product isn't going up to the website, what's possibly wrong?

A) There are a number of reasons why a product may not make it up to the web.

1) Did you meet the minimum requirements for a product to update to a cart?  You will need to verify your product has been assigned a SKU, Category, Title, Description, Price and Inventory.  Try adding a product to your cart manually, and if you error out with missing data then your cart will require that field in order to update. 

2) Special characters in the SKU cannot be accepted by your cart.  You can have hyphens in place of a space, but you need to verify that you have Numbers and Letters only for SKU's.

Adding Products Manually

Q) Can I add product information manually to my cart?

A) Yes, as long as the Data Fields are not mapped from your POS to the Cart then those fields will not get overwritten.   For example, if you'd prefer to add your long descriptions manually for your cart, you'll have to create a No Map for your Shopping cart Long Description.   Please post a ticket and support can assist with any No Mappings request.  

Images not updating 

Q) My images are not updating to the cart, what's going on?

A) If your integration supports images, the first thing you need to verify is that your Item has an image assigned.  Also, verify that you don't have any special characters in your image name, spaces and that you're using a supported formats for the web.  Most carts only supports formats JPG's, GIFS or PNG image files.