Configuring Magento Users and Roles

Kosmos supports Magento CE 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x ONLY and Correlating Enterprise versions.

Prior to installing the Standalone Magento Webservice, an API Role and User must be created.

System → Web Services → Users

  • User Info Tab
  • Username:
    • For cloud POS users (LightSpeed Retail, Revel Systems etc): Please create your own unique API Username and PW.

    1. For example: KosmoseSync

    • For On Premise users: Smyth Retail, Microsoft Dynamics theAPI User Name is the AccountNumber or Name provided by Kosmos.

    1. For example: Mag123456
  • First / Last Name: Use something to easily identify it later.
  • Email: Tech-Contact email.
  • API Key (secure password):
    • For cloud POS users (LightSpeed Retail, Revel Systems) : API Key is 'Account Password' you have created.  Please make sure it's unique and doesn't include any Ampersands or '&' in pw.  
    • For on Premise users(Microsoft Dynamics, Smyth Retail, etc) : API Key is 'Account Password' provided by Kosmos & associated with your AccountNumber.
  • User Role
  • Select Role you just created (Kosmos eSync WS API)
  • Click "Save User" (top right)

System → Web Services → Roles
  • Add a new Role, and fill all relevant information.
  • Role Info Tab (to the left)
  • Role Name: e.g.: Kosmos eSync
  • Role Resourses
  • Dropdown: Select "All"
  • Click "Save Role" (top right)

Assign User a Role

  • Finally assign your user the Role by clicking on User Role on left Tab

Order Status for On Premise Only

Should the integration include order downloads (On Premise Users Only, Microsoft Dynamics, Smyth Retail, etc), the following order statuses should be added to Magento:

  • System → Order Statuses
  • Add a new Order Status
  • Click "Create New Status" (top right)
  • Status Code: exported
  • Status Label: Exported
  • Click "Save Status" (top right)
  • Add the final Order Status
  • Click "Create New Status" (top right)
  • Status Code: synchronized
  • Status Label: Synchronized
  • Click "Save Status" (top right)