Hello thank you for purchasing the Kosmos eSync integration.  The first step in order for us to proceed you will need an eSync integration account user and pw. 

1) Please provide domain information for licensing.

a) Go Live domain name admin access
Example: http://mywebsite.com/admin
b) Development domain name & admin access
Example: http://dev.mywebsite.com/admin
2) A temporary FTP user that will be needed to publish & update eSync web service files before and after GoLive.

If the web store is installed in root or /public_html/ please then make sure this user can publish in the shopping cart root installation.

Example: http://mywebstore.com (no folder or sub-domain)

If shop /shop/ is located in a folder, then the user should only have access to that folder. This FTP user will Only be used to publish a Kosmos Webservices folder /KosmosWS/ directly only.
Example: http://mywebsite.com/shop/ using CPANEL

Example of successful web services installaltion: 

Magento : http://magentodemo18x.kosmoscentral.com/KosmosWS/main.php?wsdl
X-cart : http://demox46.kosmoscentral.com/KosmosWS/main.php?wsdl

CPANEL Access isn't necessary at this time; but if you'd like Kosmos support staff to assist with creating the FTP user then please proceed with also supplying your Web Master tools to access your hosting services.

Kosmos Support