Kosmos Central's basic hosting includes everything needed for a low to medium traffic site, with some limitations depending on your hosting plan.

With the exception of Dedicated Hosting, Kosmos hosting plans places limits on the total size of files (disk-space usage), and volume of data transferred per month (bandwidth usage). The primary email on your account will be notified if your hosting account nears either quota for your hosting plan.

You may review your quota and usage by logging into cPanel:

Progress bars for both quotas should be visible to the left.

You may discover what is utilizing your disk-space through Files → Disk Space Usage

You may explore statistic, analytics, and bandwidth utilization through the tolls in the Logs section.

* Please note, if you have exceeded disk-space or bandwidth quota, your site will be disabled.

* You may upgrade, or move to a paid hosting plan increase these quotas.

* If you have exceeded disk-space usage, and are not sure what you should delete, then please post a ticket in the support center and we'll respond back using your maintenance hours with what looks good to delete from our perspective.