You can manage your hosting via cPanel. 

  1. Access your cPanel with the login information available in our billing system:
  2. After you have logged in, find your hosting:
    1. Click Products
    2. Click your domain
    3. On the 4 tabs to the left, click the bottom tab, "Hosting Account"
  3. Here you should see the name of your server, domain hosted, IP, and a username and password.
    1. That username and password is for accessing your cPanel
  4. Go your
  5. Login with those credentials.

You can manage your FTP accounts, as well as email, hosting information, and view usage analytics there.

Please be very careful with this password, as it has full access to all of your site and data, and if stolen could be used to steal your customers' payment information.

Please be very careful everywhere in cPanel, it is possible to download backups, and edit your site and files, and just as easy to delete parts or all of your site.