No matter the hosting provider, we commonly get reports of, "my website is down," that turn out to be DNS, ISP, or networking issues only affecting a few people.

First verify that your website is live by going to one of these two websites:

This will verify whether your site is actually down, or if you have a local issue.

If you cannot load the site with these methods, contact your hosting provider immediately, your site probably IS down. Otherwise, try to resolve it with the following:

  1. Open a command-prompt, on windows: Start→Run, type "cmd" and hit enter. A black command window should open. 
  2. Ping your site's IP, with the IP from (or similar utility).
    1. ping
  3. Ping your domain name, and check the resulting IP.
    1. ping

With that done, here's what may be happening:
  • your IP ping gets no repsonse.
    • Your IP may be blacklisted on the server, please contact your hosting provider and provide them your IP []
  • your domain ping is trying to ping a different IP than the selfseo-ping result.
    • Your ISP or NS Server has not updated its listing for your domain. Try the following in CMD:
      • ipconig /flushdns
      • ping (with the trailing dot)
      • If that fails, contact your Network admin, or your ISP.
    • Your ISP, or the www network-path, may have incorrect routing tables. Please do the following:
      • tracert
      • go to and run the Trace.
      • Provide the results of both traces to your hosting provider.

Additional Referenes: