Kosmos eSync is here!

Hello everyone, we're now introducing our new platform Kosmos eSync. Our new website is located below.


As a result, all of our one-off (or stand alone integrations) will no longer be supported for any ecommerce shopping cart upgrades. Moving forward Kosmos eSync will be our primary platform to support all of our existing integrations. If you have an old one-off integration, and are considering upgrading your ecommerce shopping cart, please contact sales to determine if you're ready for Kosmos eSync.

Features are even more robust than past platforms.  

  1. Integration speeds 6x faster
  2. No data problems. Data reliability truly amazing. 
  3. New: API Designer

    – Connects to many popular applications and databases
    – Feel free to add modules and security patches to your POS/ERP without it affecting your integrations

Currently Connected To:


  • eBay (Automatically enter products into eBay, Retrieve orders from eBay)
  • Amazon (Automatically retrieve orders from Amazon)

API Designer

Contact sales for more information.
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