Supported X-cart version 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x [X-cart Classic]

Once your Web Service has been published you can then begin your x-cart setup.  

*to confirm you're ready to Sync, go to your 'wsdl' or:  


For a successful launch, you will need to setup your x-cart to successfully checkout products.

1) X-cart Shipping:

2) X-cart Payment Gateway:,_4.6)

*Please inquire with Sales for recommended Kosmos partners - Mercury Pay, Heartland Payment Systems etc.

3) X-cart Taxes:

4) General Company Settings (phone, email, address etc):

Test a checkout and if it fails, review the warning and notify your developer for assistance.

If you have any custom modules, development work and design this will need to be completed before you can Go Live.